The Kuberg app for iOS and Android lets you monitor all your bike's functions and stats in real time.

Pair Your Phone With Your Bike

Connect your phone to your bike’s Wi-Fi network. Save multiple Kuberg motorcycles in the app.

Set the Bike's Top Speed and Max Torque

Set the bike’s speed and torque to match your kid's skill level. Password protect the settings to prevent your child from changing them.

Use Your Phone as a Tachometer

Attach your phone on the handlebars to use it as a tachometer so you know exactly how fast you’re going and how much battery life you have left.

Monitor Riding Stats

Time laps to measure and compare progress. Share rides, routes and stats, including speed and G-force.

Update Your Bike’s Firmware

We’re continually improving the software that drives our bikes. Stay up-to-date with automatic firmware updates, so you always get the most out of your bike.

Set a Riding Perimeter

Limit how far your kid can ride by setting a permitter beyond which the bike will slow to its slowest speed setting so your kid knows it’s time to turn back.


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